Bromide Drag Interviews Daniel W. Coburn

In the fourth episode of the Bromide Drag Podcast, host David Ondrik interviews Daniel W. Coburn, Assistant Professor of Photomeda at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. We discuss his latest body of work, publishing his first Monograph “The Hereditary Estate,” teaching, and chew on the larger world of contemporary photograpy.

As always, we discuss a variety of images, some of which are below. You can see more of Mr. Coburn’s work at

The Hereditary Estate Book Cover

The Hereditary Estate Book Cover, © Daniel W. Coburn


Asphyxiation, © Daniel W. Coburn


Communion, © Daniel W. Coburn

Crown Graphic

Crown Graphic


Osmossis, © Daniel W. Coburn

Dad Stands Too Close to the Flame

Dad Stands Too Close to the Flame, © Daniel W. Coburn

Lila's Presence

Lila’s Presence, © Daniel W. Coburn

Mourning in Bed

Mourning in Bed, © Daniel W. Coburn

Deedra - Object Affection

Deedra – Object Affection, © Daniel W. Coburn

Object Affection Installation

Object Affection Installation, © Daniel W. Coburn

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